A beautiful part
of our lives

22 — 23 Feb
Gebaeude 27

Team Mainz:
Daniel Knußmann
Oleg Svidler
Christian Schreiber
Sven Herkt
Sebastian Zimmerhackl
Alex Kilian
Benedikt Luft

Team Bremen:
Martin Petersen
Bernd Krönker
Jeferson Brito Andrade
Matthias Keller
Frederick Hüttemann

City meets city
Randomly assigned mixed teams
One week of time
One exhibition in every city

First Ping:
3 Words, 4 Links, 5 Moodpictures
First Pong:
Producing a piece of art or design out of the first Ping
Adding something to the work and/or transforming it into another dimension with every further send


PingPongPrinciples is an ongoing exhibition project to create an exchange platform for designers out of different cities where they can meet up and show themselves in each other cities. Initiated by Zweizehn and Sebastian Zimmerhackl, Mainz 2013.


Mail: contact@pingpongprinciples.com

Design & development: Zweizehn